4 inch Android 4G LTE 1D/2D barcode scanner QR code scanner ultra long distance scanning

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Superior performance

Android 9.0 OS,Octa-core 2.0GHz CPU,Quick response to multitasking,The S12 can be handled in daily work and in high intensity scanning.

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Quickly scan code

Combined with Zebra self-research scanner, the speed increased by 30%, it can quickly read the corresponding bar code.At the same time, it is compatible with the industry-leading zebra 1D / 2D scanning engine, with strong scanning performance, and can accurately and quickly read all kinds of 1D/2D  barcodes. Whether it is defaced, old and faded , S12 can be accurately read and applied to different application.Powerful NFC reading function, can realize the rapid full reading of information, equipped with 13 megapixel camera, can collect high-quality images.


The standard battery capacityis up to 6600mAh, enough to last two shifts, built-in 18W fast charging design. The optional charging base, not only fast charging speed, but also more convenient and flexible

Excellent protective performance

S7 data collection terminal can withstand the drop impact of 1.5 meters in cement land and 2 meters marble drop resistance test.IP67 protection level, which can effectively resist

Dust and immersion environment.

Full keyboard is not out of date

Physical physical keyboard combined with average thumb size design.


It adapt to all kinds of software systems and apply to property inspection,maintenance, access management in the park, energy management in hydropower industry, collection and distribution in logistics industry, barcode data collection in retail industry, reading in electric power industry , warehousing management in storage management and so on.

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