7 inch 4G LTE Android rugged industrial tablet RTK GNSS tablet, IP67 waterproof tablet

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Runbo P2 is an industrial tablet that supports centimeter or millimeter level RTK GNSS precise positioning and measurement. It is specially designed for precise positioning applications under harsh environmental conditions.millimeter-level and centimeter-level are optional in the tablet. It adopts enhanced multi-system navigation and positioning module, miniaturized omnidirectional helical antenna, independent core high-precision algorithm, supports AGNSS assisted positioning, and the positioning is more accurate.

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Main Features

• Unique RTK algorithm, stable centimeter-level positioning accuracy

• Support multi-system joint positioning such as GPS/Beidou/Galileo/Glonass

• Up to 5Hz frequency output, suitable for high dynamic application scene.

• Support AGNSS to assist fast positioning

• Smart Suppress anti-jamming technology

Runbo can also customize high-precision positioning modules (meter level/cm level/mm level) or specify specific models of high-precision positioning modules according to customers’ needs. The company can also sell high-precision positioning module boards separately.

At the same time, we can also develop an indoor wireless positioning system based on UWB, which adopts advanced pulse wireless positioning technology. By deploying positioning base stations in the surrounding area, it can detect the way that the relevant personnel entering the area are configured with tags, and realize the real-time high precision of the entering personnel. Positioning, the system capacity is large, and the real-time performance is good. Accuracy can reach sub-meter level, allowing seamless integration of indoor and outdoor positioning.

Main Features

▷Model P2
▷7 inch,800*1280 pixels 
▷Network 4G LTE
▷Bands:2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900; 3G:WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, LTE-FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B17/B20, LTE-TDD:B38/B39/B40/B41,TD_SCDMA:A/F(B34/B39)  EVDO:BC0
▷OS Android 8.1
▷Processor Octa core,2.0GHz
▷RAM+ROM 4GB+64GB(Optional 6GB+128GB)
▷SD card support up to 128GB.
▷SIM Dual SIM,Dual standby
▷Battery 7400mAh@3.7V Li-polymer,built-in type.
▷Size 237.2mm×159.2mm×31.4mm
▷Weight 870g
▷Speaker 2 Watts
▷IP rating IP67
▷Camera Front camera
5 mega pixels,Rear camera 13 mega pixels.
▷PTT optionalDMR/Analog UHF 400-470MHz,VHF 136-174MHz
▷POC push to talk over cellular/wifi network
▷Sensors Gravity,Gyro,Distance sensor,Light sensor,3D accelerator
▷USB and charge 5V2A,quick charge,USB 2.0,Type C
▷Others Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC.
RTK GNSS parameters and performance:
First positioning time: cold start:≤32s ,cold start:≤10s (AGNSS assisted positioning)
Warm start:≤1s ,recapture:≤1s
Positioning accuracy: RTK:2.5cm+1ppm,   single point:2.5m         
Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s
Sensitivity:track: track:-158dBm,capture:-147dBm
Initialization time: <15s
Data update rate: 1Hz(default),5Hz
Navigation Data Format: NMEA 0183 V4.10,  RTCM 3.X
RF input:
Frequency: BDS B1I,GPS/QZSS L1C/A
Wave ratio: ≤1.5
Input resistance: 50Ω
Antenna gain: 5~40dB

Industry application

Surveying and mapping industry: land surveying/geographical surveying/land management, forest census

Industrial applications: power plants, energy storage power plants, nuclear power plants, substations, petrochemicals, steel plants, metallurgical plants, etc.

Tunnel application: highway tunnel, railway, subway, coal mine, iron mine, etc., pipeline inspection and maintenance

Special applications: prisons, detention centers, military training rooms, armed police officers on duty, etc.

Commercial applications: logistics vehicles/forklift positioning, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarket exhibition halls, warehousing and logistics, digital education.industrial control.

We can provide a complete solutions for various tags, base stations, UWB positioning module cards, handheld terminals, etc.

P2new_01 (1)
P2new_01 (2)
P2new_01 (3)
P2new_01 (4)
P2new_01 (5)

Suitable industry

The company can customize the following multi-functional modules according to the different needs of customers:

1: P2-1:tablet+DMR+Analog two way radio, digital/analog intercom dual mode, coverage 5-10 kilometers; support network push to talk, point-to-point single call,group call, Network PTT has no coverage limit. Optional frequency band: UHF: 400~470 MHz 4W /350~400 MHz 4W /VHF: 136~174 MHz 5W), /UHF+VHF (dual band): 400~470 /136~174 MHz,

2:P2-2:tablet+SDR Module(Software Defined Radio)- Runbo builds SDR communication system for radio amateurs

3:P2-3:tablet+1D+2D Scanning Module:for logistics and warehousing,transportation.

4:P2-4:tablet+RFID module:optional: ultra-high frequency band 433.92MHz, ultra-high frequency band 860-960MHz, microwave band 2.45GHz

5: P2-5:tablet+AIS function for ship and freighter

6: P2-6:tablet+Fingerprint recognition module supports Ministry of Public Security certification, FBI certification

7: P2-7:tablet+HDMI IN module

8: P2-8:tablet+Mesh module for indoor using


Quality control

Runbo imply a strict quality control system, and in one corner of the factory, there is a reliability laboratory dedicated to issuing "QC Pass" for products. Every batch of mobile phones produced by Runbo is subjected to the most demanding experiments here. The experimental items include drop test, electromagnetic compatibility test, extreme condition test, temperature and humidity test, strong light test, aging test, etc. Strict reliability test enables early detection of potential reliability problems of products, and provides new products for new products. Design provides important information. Once the mobile phone fails the reliability test, the factory will stop the operation of the production line, and immediately analyze the reasons for the inspection, and the analysis report will be submitted to the company's project team responsible department.

The drop test is to make handheld and tablet perform a drop test from a height of 1.2 meters to hard still ground,for some practical models, this 1.2-meter-high drop test will be performed several times. And mobile phones that have passed the cyclic drop test still have to pass other design criteria tests.

In addition to temperature change factors, relative humidity will also affect the quality of the product, so the temperature and humidity test is the preferred standard in the field of quality testing. The Runbo products that need to be tested will be tested in an environment between -20 to +60 degrees Celsius and 93%-98% humidity. , the temperature and humidity change alternately, simulating the aging process of the entire mobile phone, and ensuring the quality of each Runbo product is safe and reliable.


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