Current living conditions

Fire fighting is no trivial matter, and safety is greater than days. Every year, fire accidents cause serious property losses and casualties. With the development of Internet of Things technology, intelligent devices can help eliminate fire hazards from the source and are playing an increasingly important role in daily life and production.

As an important part of intelligent fire protection, intelligent smoke detector has the advantages of real-time monitoring, three-dimensional alarm, no wiring, etc. It can detect fire in time, improve fire prevention, and strive for the best escape time.

NB IoT intelligent smoke detector, preventing "burning"


Recently, a gas leak in a snack bar in Nanshan District, Shenzhen triggered a fire. The NB IoT smart smoke detector installed in the store quickly gave an audible and visual alarm when it detected the fire, and notified the owner of the store in a shorter time by phone or SMS. Because the alarm was timely, the shopkeeper handled the fire properly, and the fire was controlled in time, no casualties and large property losses were caused.

This smart smoke sensor that successfully avoided a fire accident comes from Shenzhen Oceanwide Sanjiang, and it is equipped with the NB IoT module BC26 of Mobile Communication.

After the equipment detects the fire, the BC26 module immediately accesses the collected alarm information, equipment operation information and other relevant data to the cloud platform through the NB IoT network, and the platform then notifies the owner of the fire related information by SMS, phone, etc.

Real time monitoring, super endurance

The intelligent smoke detector based on the remote NB IoT module can realize the all-weather online monitoring function, and monitor the equipment operation status while monitoring the fire. This is not only conducive to improving the shortcomings that traditional manpower cannot effectively cover and traditional fire fighting methods cannot effectively monitor, but also facilitates users to timely eliminate equipment hazards, ensure the normal operation of intelligent smoke detectors, and achieve the desired effect.

Due to no wiring and low cost during installation, the deployment cost of NB IoT smart smoke detector is lower than that of other networked products on the market, which is conducive to promotion in "nine small places", including family residences, campuses, nursing homes, commercial complexes, construction sites, industrial parks, urban villages, old communities, etc.

In addition, the NB IoT intelligent smoke detector does not need wiring and is flexible in deployment, will not damage the original structure and circuit of the building, and can maintain the beauty of the building, which is very consistent with the fire protection requirements of ancient buildings and other scenes.

The intelligent smoke detector equipped with the MIYUAN NB IoT module also has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption. Taking BC26 module as an example, the product supports low voltage power supply (2.1V~3.63V), PSM power saving mode and e-DRX (enhanced discontinuous reception) mode, which can ensure the normal power supply of smoke sensing battery for 5-10 years, greatly reducing the equipment replacement frequency and reducing the expenditure for users.
The market volume of intelligent smoke detector is huge

According to the data from the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department, 237000 fires were reported nationwide in 2018, causing 1407 deaths, 798 injuries and direct property losses of 3.675 billion yuan. Among them, 107000 residential fires occurred, more than 45% of the total number of fires in the year. The reason is related to the backward construction of fire prevention infrastructure in China, so it is urgent to deploy an efficient fire prevention management and maintenance system.

From the perspective of market scale, there are 460 million households in China, including 270 million urban households. In addition to the densely populated "nine small places", the market space for fire smoke detection is huge. It is predicted that in the next five years, the national installation scale of smoke detectors is expected to reach 700 million.

In recent years, taking advantage of the favorable national policies and the development of NB IoT technology, the commercial scale of smart smoke sensors has been expanding. At present, Mobile Communication has successfully deployed a large number of NB IoT intelligent smoke detectors with many industrial chain customers, which protect people's lives and property in real time.

In addition to the above snack bars and other "nine small places", the smart smoke sensor equipped with MIYUAN NB IoT module has also been successfully applied to the reconstruction of old residential areas in Jing'an District, Shanghai, as well as the home stay in Wuzhen Tourist Attraction, Zhejiang Province and other scenes.

In the future, we will work with our industrial chain partners to develop more smart city applications, continue to promote the application of NB IoT technology in smart fire protection, smart meter reading, smart door locks, white goods, shared travel, building management, smart parking and other urban management, and help build a new smart city.