Company held an industry summit, and there are more than 20 professionalsa and experts gathered together

On October 9, 2021, the company held an industry summit, and there are more than 20 professionalsa and experts gathered together, including experts from public and private networks, Mesh networks, and IOT industry,Wide band and narrow band etc, to discuss industry development,to understand industry development trends, and pay attention to new technologies.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating equipment R&D, production and marketing, Runbo has risen rapidly in the industry in the recent years.Runbo has complete independent development and customization capabilities in the fields of public private network equipment and IOT. The overall performance control has a wealth of experience. At present,Runbo brand has included public and private network intercom terminals, Industrial tablet and mobile tablets, law enforcement recorders and other terminals, as well as wide/narrow band ad hoc networks, MESH communication base stations, and audio and video dispatching platform software. The complete and efficient new generation of professional communication solutions have been successfully applied in many industries such as public safety, emergency command and rescue , manufacturing, rail transit, mobile law enforcement, and intelligent communities.

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Mr. Jemes Yang, President of Runbo, and Ms. Yang Jun, Sales Director, delivered speeches on behalf of the company respectively, and extended a warm welcome to the everybody who were invited to the meeting. Jemes Yang said that Runbo has accumulated a lot in the field of professional communications and has lofty aspirations. Vicky who has rich experience in marketing management, joined Runbo as the deputy general manager to preside over the company's marketing system work, making the company even more powerful. He has shared many information about market trend and customers’ needs and pain,he believes that Runbo marketing and market expansion will achieve greater results.

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Runbo has a rich product line, ranging from intelligent intercom to satellite communication, from 400M narrowband to 1.4/1.8G broadband, from body cameras to wireless MESH, 600M military products, and also has its own dispatching platform, which can fully meet the needs of cooperation The needs of partners, while providing practical and easy-to-use products for customers in various industries. Runbo is an open company and an open platform, and welcomes more industry professionals to join in, cooperate for mutual benefit, and go hand in hand in the field of professional communication to achieve better growth. Finally, the engineer demonstrated the various functions of the company's platform at the meeting site.

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Post time: Oct-09-2021