In the november/december of 2021,Runbo released 3 models with RTK&GNSS handheld

In the november/december of 2021,Runbo released 3 models with RTK&GNSS handheld,which can be widely used in land surveying, geographic information, and precise positioning.It brings great convenience for these kind of industry.

RTK/GNSS is also known as carrier phase difference: high-precision positioning, the base station transmits its carrier observations and station coordinate information to the user station in real time through the data link. The user station receives the carrier phase of the GPS/Beidou/Glonass/Galileo satellite and the carrier phase from the reference station, and forms phase difference observations for timely processing, which can give centimeter-level positioning results in time.

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Composition: RTK system is mainly composed of three parts, namely base station (differential source), differential data communication link (network, radio, 3G/4G, etc.), mobile station (terminal).

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RTK (Real Time Kinematic), the carrier phase difference technology, can provide real-time three-dimensional positioning results of the station in the specified coordinate system, and achieve centimeter-level accuracy. In RTK operation mode, the base station collects satellite data and transmits its observations and site coordinate information to the mobile station through the data link, and the mobile station conducts real-time carrier phase analysis on the collected satellite data and the received data link. Differential processing (which lasts less than one second), obtains centimeter-level positioning results, To understand RTK, you must first know what "differential" is?

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The difference is to try to separate the GPS error. By installing a mobile base station on a reference point with a known position, the deviation of the positioning signal can be known. By sending this deviation to the mobile station that needs to be positioned, the mobile station can obtain more accurate position information.

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It is widely used in all fields such as land survey and management, aerospace, military, transportation, resource exploration, communication meteorology, power and energy,surveying and mapping industries.

In the surveying and mapping industry, RTK can be used in engineering surveying, deformation observation, aerial photogrammetry, oceanographic surveying and geographic data collection in geographic information systems.

With the measurement software, it can carry out engineering measurement operations such as tunnel measurement, road design, earthwork calculation, area measurement, and power exploration.

Connect the CORS account to receive the signal and start the measurement operation.

If you are in an area that is not covered by CORS, you cannot receive the signal.

Advantages of RTK

RTK has high measurement accuracy; easy operation, small size of the instrument, easy to carry; all-weather operation; no need to see through between observation points; measurement results are unified under WGS84 coordinates, information is automatically received and stored, reducing tedious intermediate processing links, high efficiency And other notable features, won the trust of the majority of surveying and mapping workers.

Post time: Nov-12-2021