smart agriculture

Industry status

China is a large agricultural country. The area of cultivated land in China accounts for about 1/10 of the world's total. It produces 1/4 of the world's grain and has solved the problem of food and clothing for 1/5 of the world's population. The

improvement of agricultural production efficiency is inseparable from the development of agricultural mechanization. Agricultural mechanization refers to the use of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery and equipment to improve

agricultural production and operation conditions, maximize labor productivity, production technology and economic benefits, and promote the rapid development of agriculture and rural economy.

Agricultural machinery and equipment are widely used in agriculture, forestry, livestock, animal husbandry, fishery and other industries, including farmland construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant

protection machinery, farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, crop harvesting machinery, etc.




Agricultural machinery and equipment is an important cornerstone of the development of smart agriculture, which is directly related to the development process of agricultural automation, digitization and intelligence in China. How to manage

agricultural machinery and equipment efficiently is the key to improve production efficiency.

Due to the wide field cultivation area, the operator can not understand the operation process and positioning in real time, which is traditionally judged by experience;

In case of emergency in the scheduled driving route, it is necessary to re plan the route and avoid route intersection with agricultural machinery and equipment on other driving routes to avoid collision;

Managers need to fully understand the operation of agricultural machinery, and make real-time deployment to ensure maximum production efficiency.


Runob L610 LTE Cat 1 module provides stable wireless network connection and data transmission services for agricultural machinery positioning system

The 4G network coverage in China is expected to reach 98% by 2020. Guanghe L610 can realize wireless networking in places with 4G network coverage. The maximum downlink rate of terminals supported by LTE Cat 1 module is 10Mbps, and the uplink rate is 5Mbps. It can achieve high-performance

wireless connection and millisecond delay. The data is uploaded to the background management center through L610 to help agricultural machinery managers effectively manage decentralized agricultural machinery equipment and understand the equipment operation status in real time.


Using Internet of Things technology, based on geographic information system (GIS) technology, remote sensing technology, multi-sensor fusion technology, breakpoint continuous transmission technology, give full play to big data analysis

capabilities, position, schedule, monitor agricultural machinery and equipment, effectively guide the orderly flow of agricultural machinery, avoid the blindness of agricultural machinery cross regional operations, and improve the operational

efficiency and economic benefits of agricultural machinery operators, Improve the management efficiency and services of agricultural machinery management departments.


According to the particularity of agricultural machinery equipment and the severity of the operating site, noise, temperature difference, vibration and other environments, industrial DTU and GNSS positioning modules need to be built in agricultural

machinery equipment, and the collected information can be uploaded to the management platform through 4G wireless network, which can realize accurate positioning navigation, linkage call, intelligent mu measurement, automatic production

planning and other functions for agricultural machinery operation, and achieve efficient management.

  • With accurate positioning, the command center can monitor the position and status of agricultural machinery in real time to ensure cross regional operations.

  • Linkage call, agricultural machinery operators press the refueling call and maintenance call, and the command center will provide technical support at any time to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Intelligent mu measurement, agricultural machinery can automatically count the number of mu harvested, upload it to the background and convert it into visual data for managers to conduct data analysis and statistics, and remote supervision.
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