Runbo high-performance 4G module enables intelligent medical treatment, which helps science and technology fight epidemic

During the COVID-19 at the beginning of the new year 2020, Wuhan Huoshen Mountain Hospital officially admitted patients. At the first time, the platinum element wireless multi parameter monitor equipped with the high-performance 4G module of Guangzhou Hetong was officially commercially available in Huoshen Mountain Hospital.

Runbo 4G high-speed module is built into the platinum element wireless multi parameter monitor. By letting patients wear the wireless monitor, medical staff can conduct real-time and remote monitoring of patients' ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and body temperature, so as to keep online monitoring with the movement of patients, and intelligently obtain the patient's sign alarm. The use of remote monitoring medical equipment will maximize the protection of reverse angels in white and reduce cross infection.

Integrated solution of platinum element wireless vital sign monitoring and central monitoring equipped with Runbo high-performance 4G module

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